Adult Small to Medium Dogs / Rates Start at                           $25.00 per walk

Adult Large Dog  / Rates Start at                                               $35.00 per walk                                                                              

EVENING WALKS (after 6:00PM)                                               $40.00 per walk 

SITTING at CLIENT'S HOME (24 hours)                                    $100.00 (includes mail retrieval, plant maint etc)

OVERNIGHT SITTING CLIENT'S HOME  (12 hours)                 $80.00  (12 hour shift)

* Please note additional fees apply for holiday walks and/or sitting

ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATIONS                                       

Pills, Liquids, Eye Drops, Ear Medications                               $5.00 for each administration

Insulin                                                                                           $25.00 for each injection

Sub-Cutaneous Fluids                                                                $50.00 for each administration


Feed, Litter Box Scoop, Removal of Soiled Litter, Play Time & Grooming    $25.00 per visit

Multiple Cats:   Pricing determined upon needs of cats

Each additional box                                                                                            $5.00



I am happy to provide transport of your pet to a veterinary or grooming appointment.  I will gladly accompany your pet throughout their vet visit so they have a known companion during exam or treatment.  All instructions and meds will be collected and documented for you.   I will wait for a grooming if necessary.  Extra charges may be applicable if the service is delayed or extends longer than 1 hour.   A Liability Release must be signed prior to any transports.


Small Dogs are welcome to stay at my residence if the following criteria can be confirmed:

Dogs are free of fleas, ticks, worms, or any parasites (must provide current vet documentation)

Dogs have all  current vaccinations (owner must provide current vet documentation)

Dogs must be housebroken or trained to use pee pads  

Dogs must not be unruly, unsociable or destructive in any way

Dogs must not experience severe separation anxiety.  

Prices start at $80.00 for all day or all night sitting. Time past 12 hrs shall be pro-rated

Extended sitting starts at $100.00 for each 24 hour time span

Any damage incurred by pet is the sole responsibility of the pet owner and owner must sign Contract prior to sitting.

PICK UP & DROP OFF BY PAM    $10.00  (mileage added for distances greater than 10 miles each way from Pam's Home/Newport Coast)

Note:  Owners will be required to complete a contract agreement and agree to pay for repair or replacement of any damaged items.  


I am happy to stay with your pets at your residence.  Some pets (particularly puppies) are more comfortable in their own environment.   Please be prepared to provide proof of the following criteria:

All pets are free of fleas, ticks, worms or any parasites

All pets have current vaccinations (owner must provide current vet documentation)

Any damage caused by pets are the owners responsibility.  Pam will do due diligence to protect the owners property if the pets illicit destructive behavior.

Pets must not experience severe separation anxiety.  

Prices start at $50.00 for all day or all night sitting. Time past 12 hrs shall be pro-rated.

Extended sitting starts at $100.00 for each 24 hour time span


Overnight:  $100.00   8-12 hour day or night sitting

24-Hour time span:  $200.00

Walking:  Small/Medium Dogs $50.00 per walk    Large Dogs:  $75.00 per walk 

Services Are Available In Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Dover Shores, Balboa Island/Penninsula, Irvine Terrace, CDM, Emerald Bay & North Laguna Beach.   Mileage charges may be applicable for South Laguna Beach.  

                                                          HOME SITTING

Home Sitting Services:

Available in Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Irvine, Laguna Beach, E Costa Mesa.  Home security is a much higher deterrent than alarms.  Burglers know your schedules and are very quick to enter and take your valuables.  Valuable time is lost between the time the alarm goes off and the security company alerts police.  Even when police directly receive the alarm, due to diminished available officers the response time could result in stolen belongings and severe damage to your home.


} Cash or Check payments accepted.   Payment is due upon arrival. Special circumstances can be discussed and agreed upon.  

} Unpaid balances past 5 days of completion of service constitutes a 10% charge of total bill.  Unpaid balances past 10 days will accrue a daily 25% charge.  Unpaid balances not paid within one (1) month of service shall be subject to Small Claims Court and owner is responsible for all court costs.

​* All services can be customized to your needs and your pet's well being.  I am happy to retrieve mail & newspapers, plant maintenance, light housekeeping etc.  Please feel free to request other services.

                                            LOTS OF LOVE AND HUGS ARE FREE!!!!

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